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Sculpture And Pond

Wildlife Pond and Sculpture in Summertown

This picture shows a wildlife pond in summertown, with a sculpture behind supposed to reflect in the water and open up a dark space in the corner of the garden.


When I say ‘Wildlife’ pond, to us it still means a pond which we created, but we didn’t add a filtering system, or other means to maintain it artificially (like chemicals), we made it deep enough to discourage algae, we added oxygenating plants, and we didn’t add fish to the pond. The pond has since become a haven for wildlife encouraging birds into the garden to drink, and having resident frogs, as well as being an insect habitat. This has allowed the family to enjoy their shared interest in British wildlife, in their own back yard.

Doug Holloway Photo

Doug Holloway is a landscape architect, and writer. He lives in Oxfordshire with this Wife and Daughter. In his spare time he enjoys, film, food, walking in nature & surfing. In recent years, having met his Wife, who is of Turkish origin, he has also enjoyed Turkish culture, including food, noticeable in his expanded waistline, swimming in the silky Mediterranean of Bodrum, and exploring the wild, arid landscapes of the region… when it is not too hot.